Be You Art has been a concept Bronte has visualised for years now. As a curious five year old, she had always been experimenting with new mediums, projects, ideas and letting her creative spirit flow. As a child, a cramped little vintage art desk bought by her parents inspired Bronte to daydream of different approaches to art with the utensils she had in front of her. That desk became her safe space, time alone to escape to another world.


Bronte has never incorporated one technique or style. Throughout high school she explored photography, film, digital media, as well as painting. Bronte’s passions still lie immensely in photography and watercolour painting. A great deal of her ideas incorporate mandala styles and journaling inspired by her Native American heritage. Bronte loves to keep things interesting by making her art look euphoric, hard to follow, yet pleasing to the eye. Almost forcing you to look twice.

She wasn’t an artist who drew or painted every day. For her, it was a spontaneous activity when she was feeling anxious, overwhelmed or inspired. She never forced herself to create anything specific and over the years has accepted that no art is perfect. Flawed art that breaks barriers and rules is what made her art unique and hers. She was taught from a young age to never rub out your mistakes, to go with what you have and be proud of what you’ve done. The key concept of her party workshops is that you don’t have to be an artist to do art. Bronte provides the tools, all you have to bring is an open mind.


Some of us may use books, music and movies to chase a new reality. For Bronte, art is a cathartic release, an outlet to express herself. When she was injured and couldn’t play sports, school and work were stressing her out, art was a way to forget about her woes and create something beautiful in the chaos.

Bronte wants ‘Be You Art’ to embody the philosophy to be authentically you. She wants to advocate that it’s easy to ‘be yourself’ but it’s actually an extremely difficult thing to enact. We are constantly influenced by our family and friends, social media, public figures and tend to compare and lose our sense of being grounded. Bronte wants to shift our perspectives into doing what makes us feel good, allowing us to be taken away by the natural process of expressing our thoughts and feelings through art.


Bronte has experience working with children as a full-time nanny, ballet teacher, an OOSH educator and holding peer leadership positions in school and at work. Children tend to have the innate ability to embrace creativity, individuality and throw themselves into a challenge. Adults however tend to be more self-critical and are in a constant battle of reaching high expectations and results. As adults, we can get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of balancing personal and work lives and just not having enough time to squeeze everything into our day. A designated time, like an adult art party, provides a zone to forget whatever’s giving us grief and remember what it’s like to be a kid again. A time to feel present and immerse yourself with what’s in front of you. Be You Art brings you an opportunity to relax, let go and socialise with friends.