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What We Do

BE YOU ART is a mobile art service, focusing on finding the creative fair within every individual. Our events focus on diverse areas ranging from corporate team building activities, to kids birthday parties, as well as general adult parties and social events.


Furthermore if you are in need of entering a calm, creative and innovative space we’ve got you covered.


Our events offer everything from journaling, drawing, scrapbooking, painting. We are quite different from many art services, as we provide all art equipment on the day of each event and bring the party to you. All you have to bring is great conversation and energy to the table.


‘To be true, is to be you’. Ultimately this space focuses on bringing your own imagination to life.
The project itself came to life in the month of January 2021, aiming to focus on being present, finding calmness, contentment as well as mindfulness. Our generation is deeply caught up in chaos, making it difficult to stay grounded. Through the act of creating, this will simply draw you into your individual world of consciousness, stillness and make it easier to stay focused. Therefore this creative art service is more than just art classes and is to better yourself. Even if it is for a few hours.


Finding your inner creative fair will better your outlook and perspective for self-development. The take home message is to sit back, relax, open your mind. Let your imagination take over, and your mind free flow with ideas. The simpler the better. Become fully immersed in the creative flow.

Whether it’s coffee, conversation, and contentment. We’ve got you covered.